Progress is continuing.  Still hitting and missing with regularity of training but i believe I’m making improvements.  This Tuesday, I will have a check in with Master Tyler where we will run the same tests that we ran when I started this.  However, I’m pretty sure there’s been improvement, just not as much as I’d like. But that is TOTALLY on me. Still, couldn’t do this 8 weeks ago….

Whilst I’m sure there are those out there that will criticize my technique, when I started this, I was lucky to be able to bang out two of these.

Still have a long way to go.  But I finally have a program and routine I’m happy with  so its just a case of smashing it now!

Will check in again after the test!


If you are looking at trying to get a few extra reps out of anything (chinups, pull ups, bicep curls or anything) try really concentrating on squeezing the bar with your grip, clenching the abs and squeezing the glutes.  For some reason this gives you a bit of an extra push.  Heard this from listening to a podcast with this guy:

Apparently he used to train Soviet Russian special forces and was credited with introducing the kettlebell to the west.