While there are dozens of translations of the Taiji Classics out there and I have made my recommendation before (The Taijiquan Classics: An Annotated Translation: Barbara Davis) there are relatively few translations of the Ba Gua Songs and Xing Yi Fist Manual.  Fortunately, Canada based internal stylist Andrea Falk has completed translations of both that are inexpensive, available for download at her book site ‘The Wushu Centre’ and definitely worth a look.

Her text ‘A Shadow on Fallen Blossoms’ is the only translation with full commentary available on the famous 36 and 42 verses of Bagua.  For those who don’t know, the commentaries are incredibly important, they explain the, often obscure, references and cryptic verses of these ancient texts.  There are many translations available without them, but most find them confusing and therefore somewhat useless.  Her book is available in EPUB for only US$11.50.


Andrea’s XIngyi Text ‘Li Tainji’s The Skill of Xingyiquan’ also contains excellent translations of many classic Xing Yi Fist Manual verses in the appendix.  Unfortunately these are without commentary, lets hope she makes it a future project to fill that gap.  It costs only US$10.50 for the EPUB.