Master Tang grew up in Beijing, China and began training at the age of seven after being chosen by national selectors. He was the youngest member of the famous Beijing Wushu Team when it was formed in 1974.

His skill with the Spear is renowned and he competed successfully in many styles and weapons including: Changquan, Straightsword, Broadsword, 3-section Cudgel, Double Broadsword, Baguazhuang, Xingyiquan and Taijiquan, winning over 20 medals including 10 gold at the China National Wushu Championships.

As a member of the Beijing team Master Tang had the opportunity to travel to the United States in 1974 and 1980, and to Africa, Japan, Europe and Australia. He also worked in several films including North South Shaolin, and the third of the famous Shaolin Temple series.  Action star Jet Li was Master Tang’s training mate

Master Tang holds the rank of 8th Dan and in 1986 he was the recipient of the highest award in Wushu, the Wu Ying or Grandmaster award.

After retiring from competition Master Tang immigrated to Australia in 1988 where he now coaches Wushu and Taiji professionally at the Tai Chi for Life centre in Nunawading.

In recognition of his achievements and contribution to the sport, the Chinese Wushu Association recently bestowed on Master Tang the Wushu Development Award.  Master Tang’s Experience in wushu extends over 40 years…