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Week 12 – A training update from Paul

Progress is continuing.  Still hitting and missing with regularity of training but i believe I'm making improvements.  This Tuesday, I will have a check in with Master Tyler where we will run the same tests that we ran when I started this.  However, I'm pretty sure there's been improvement, just not as much as

Week 8 – Working, not working and what’s new

Its been a while since my last post.  the only reason for that is that I had really nothing new to report.  But now I do. When I started this, I always wanted to be 100% honest...even if things weren't going as well as I'd like. So here's where its at: Working Motivation is

Week 5.5 – A word to the wise :)

Training update from Paul..... When training "old school" Don't be a tightwad with "new school", plastic buckets.  Unless you want your garage floor soaked in water :) to Bunnings to buy metal buckets

Week 5 – Progress and changes

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post due to a minor illness.  However, training is now full steam ahead.  But due to  daylight saving changes, am finding that energy early in the morning is quite low.  In addition, to play a bit of catch up I've had to make some changes:

Week 4 – Additional conditioning activities

Training continues to progress, although I admit freely its significantly easier to do the training that it is to remain disciplined on the food front. Based on feedback and input from Master Tyler, I am now adding additional  conditioning activities, but with a difference. Think less barbell squats with weights, and more cudgel with

Week 3 – Leg conditioning

The labor day long weekend nailed me a little for blogging.  But have still been getting the training in.  Have been trying to up the food intake and have found some good options which seem to be doing the trick including a smoothie that is pretty jammed full of stuff: 300 ml milk 3tsp

Week 2.5 check in – a bit of context

It's occurred to me after speaking with a couple of people that read my rambling posts, that whilst the blogs were coming through to Facebook, the original page that I posted wasn't.  So if you are wondering what this is all about, go here: Onto the update.  I never thought I'd say this,

Week 2 – Hmmmm

Got off to a pretty good start, activities are as follows: When I jumped on the scales to see what was going on, the result was: Considering on the 9th of Jan I was 73.1kg, something has gone a little wrong. So this week, I'm going to be focusing on food and water intake

Check in

Week 1.5 check in Observations so far.  Having a morning routine is brilliant!  But what is really making it work is having the evening routine to setup the morning one.  I've tried to make a morning routine so many times before and gone into it with good intentions, but am so diabolically rubbish

Conditioning via Traditional Chinese Methods -Here we go!

Week one: My approach is going to be simple. Change lots of small things and fail often.  What I mean is instead of starting out week one…falling over on Tuesday and saying to myself "ill just get through to next Sunday and start over”, I want to make the cycle shorter.  So I'll be