About Tyler

Tyler is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and 6th Degree Master of Chinese Martial Arts. Studying, practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and related arts for more than 20 years, Tyler regularly lectures at conferences and seminars around Australia as well as authoring articles for professional journals.

The Taijiquan Classics

The Taijiquan Classics are an important part of study and practice.  These writings are the earliest known on the art and form the core of our understanding.  Whilst their interpretation is often the subject of debate, their importance should not be.  Unlike many ancient Chinese texts their content is almost universally agree upon, so

2017 Classes start soon

Term 1 classes start back Monday 30th January.  No change to times, no change to prices. Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7pm Wushu (Kung Fu) Wednesday 1:30pm Taichi & Friday Qigong 9am. Limited places still available for most sessions, book now to secure your place and change your health and fitness for 2017.

NEW CERTIFIED HERBS – Say No to Pesticides and Heavy Metals!

China Dragon is committed to providing the best quality and safest herbal prescriptions. We are now proud to stock herbs that are heavy metal and pesticide free, within the high EU standard of safety for herbs. China Dragon supports organic farming methods of Chinese medicinal plants, and the responsible gathering of wild medicinal plants. We

New Monday Night Wushu Class

Starting April 11th for Term 2 China Dragon Martial Arts is now offering a 7pm Monday night Wushu training session.  This class will include fundamental training - stances, footwork and hand techniques, as well as weapon forms, basic tumbling/falling and throwing/wrestling applications!  More information

New Larger Training Space

Master Craftsman and good friend of China Dragon, Matt the Builder, has been working hard over the break to build 'Chinese Herb Alley' and remove the dispensary from our training space.  This effort will gain us vital additional room for bigger classes, long weapons and more mirrors!  See you all back Monday week to enjoy

Tibetan Buddhist Monk Workshops

Starting next Monday 4th April, China Dragon will be hosting a series of workshops with Ven. Sonam Gelek, Buddhist Monk of the Gelugpa Tradition. See flyer or visit Awaken Insights for more details.  Donation entry, all proceeds go toward supporting the orphan students of the Geshe Chenga Tsering Institute.

Wushu Spear

枪 Qiang - Spear The Qiang or spear is regarded as the king of all weapons. It was the major military weapon in ancient times due to its practical and efficient technique on the battlefield. The spear could be wielded from a chariot, horse back, or on foot, and eventually replaced both the sword and

Classes in 2016

2016 promises to be a big year at China Dragon with new classes and as always, lots of interesting content. Terms dates for the year - Term 1: 25th Jan – 24th Mar (no class 14/3 Labour Day) Term 2: 11th Apr – 24th Jun (no class 13/6 Queen’s Birthday) Term 3: 11th Jul –

Frankston Waterfront Festival

January 16th & 17th.  China Dragon Martial Arts / Taichi for Life will be doing a demo and free Taichi activity Sunday 1pm at the 'Challenge Arena' near the food court.  See you all there!