About Tyler

Tyler is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and 6th Degree Master of Chinese Martial Arts. Studying, practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and related arts for more than 20 years, Tyler regularly lectures at conferences and seminars around Australia as well as authoring articles for professional journals.

Back to Training

The clinic is open and all classes are back in action this week.  We will be training through the school holidays to make up for lost time in term 1.  Hope you had a good break.

On Conference

The clinic and classes will be closed from Monday 15th - Friday 26th June due to an international conference.  We will re-open on Monday 29th June.  Thank you

New Chen Taijiquan page

Check out our new Chen Taijiquan page!  An awesome clip of Chen Village Master Chen Bing, photos, syllabus, training tools and translations of the Classics to follow shortly...

Check out our new Xingyiquan page! Clips, photos, syllabus, training tools, translations and more.