We’ve gone ECO at China Dragon

That's ecological and economical! Why? Herb prices out of China have been going up for some time now and while our supplier of the highest quality herbs around, Empirical Health, has been doing his best to keep prices down we can't deny it any longer. But very cleverly, instead of putting our product prices up,

On leave study leave in New Orleans

I will be unavailable for classes and consultations from Saturday 10th to Wednesday 20th of March whilst I am on leave studying with the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine in New Orleans, U.S.A. The lovely ladies of China Dragon will be keeping things running whilst I am away. Miriam Harper will be

Effective Training

I was asked a while back by an online magazine to write a brief article on how to train Chinese Martial Arts effectively.  The magazine folded before anything was posted but here’s a little of what I came up with, based on my experience and the training of my teacher, Master Tang Laiwei –

Ba Gua Songs and Xing Yi Fist Manual

While there are dozens of translations of the Taiji Classics out there and I have made my recommendation before (The Taijiquan Classics: An Annotated Translation: Barbara Davis) there are relatively few translations of the Ba Gua Songs and Xing Yi Fist Manual.  Fortunately, Canada based internal stylist Andrea Falk has completed translations of both

Poem of the Eight Words

This ‘formula’ or ‘secret’ is one of a collection of ancient verses from the 形意拳譜 Xing Yi Quan Pu ‘Xing Yi Fist Manual’.  Variants are also commonly appropriated by Ba Gua Zhang practitioners as the content can apply equally to both these internal styles.  Whilst most of it is straight forward, explanation may be

Gandmaster Wang Deming

Grandmaster Wang Deming, 7th Duan. If you haven't seen him in action already he is truly amazing, you can read more on his inspiring lineage here. A good friend of my Master Tang Laiwei and my favorite teacher in China, his Bagua, Xingyi and Taiji teachings are closely followed by Tai Chi For Life

Da Shou Ge ‘Playing Hands Song’

This is the shortest of the works that make up the Taijiquan (Taichi) classics and one of my favourites.  Its message is concise and clear, the poem describes how to perform Push Hands well.  The author is unknown. ‘Ward-off, Roll-back, Press and Push’ (Pang Lu Ji An) are the four fundamental energies (四正手 Si

YouTube Channel Update!

Its amazing what you can find online.  I've spent this last week plumbing the depths of YouTube (and the Chinese equivalent YouKu) to find the very best videos for every aspect of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts study at China Dragon/Taichi for Life.  In most cases these are the full instructional DVD's for all the routines